Wood Fired BathTUB

A durable, easy use two-person outdoor wood-fired bathtub that requires minimal maintenance.


Stoked Stainless produces outdoor wood-fired bathtubs made from cedar and stainless steel, which fits two people. The 450-litre tub has all the durability, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements of our hot tubs, but smaller.

Stainless Steel Construction

For hygiene & low maintenance

The Stoked Stainless Wood-Fired Bathtub’s working features are made of high-quality stainless steel in New Zealand, so it requires almost no maintenance or cleaning. Our materials won’t rust, shrink, crack or leak. You could even leave it open to the elements safely.

Chemical-Free Friendly Bathing

Eco friendly, reusable greywater from your tub

Stoked Stainless wood-fired bathtubs are eco-friendly to the environment and green by their nature. You don’t need artificial chemicals, and the water you bathe in is as pure as its source, at least until you get in!

Many of our customers use the wastewater for irrigation on their gardens, as it may be the cleanest natural ‘grey water’ you can find. So why waste 450 litres of pure water, right?


Fast, easy & inexpensive to heat

A full wood-fired bath takes only 1.5 hours to heat warm from completely cold. The cost is only $2 or $3 worth of firewood (less if you cut it yourself, of course). You can keep it hot as long as you like and control the heat by adding more wood for the fire or letting in more cold water, both of which you can do without getting out of the tub!


$9,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Freight


  • Stainless steel interior and internal components
  • 100% cedar wood cladding
  • Corrosion-proof drain valve
  • Wood-fired heated water
  • 1.5-hour water heating time (average time from cold to 38 degrees Celsius)
  • 2000mm (2m) long, 880mm wide and 625mm deep – room for 2 (friendly) adults
  • 450-litre capacity
  • 140kg Empty weight
  • Heat shielded flue for your safety
  • Insulated side walls and floor
  • Entirely hand made in New Zealand