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Stoked Spa New Key Features | Android & iOS | 2017 Model V2

The new Stoked Spa 2017 model has a few new exciting features that offer the owner greater flexibility with how they operate their spa. 

1. Wifi capability. This allows an iPhone or Android device to remote into the spa to give full control over it. This means if you are away from home you can switch on/off or change any settings as required. 

2. Low power mode. The spa can be programmed to only heat during certain times. Sometimes people pay less during off peak hours, which makes sense to heat their spas when this is available. Others have solar power available, therefore makes sense to harness this energy and only heat the spa during peak sunlight hours.  

3. Sleep mode. If you have the spa next to your bedroom and are particularly sensitive to the sound of the circulation pump running, you can program the Stoked Spa to not run during certain times.  

These new features of the Stoked Spa offer you so much more freedom & value for money.