Hot Tubs at The Christmas Country Fete

This Thursday the 27th October, we will be showcasing our products at the The Christmas Country Fete. It is one of New Zealand’s biggest and most popular Fête. The event attracts over 5000 people from all over the world, keen to spend a great day out in the countryside.

The Christmas Country Fête has a unique festival vibe. There is live music, demonstrations and a chance to wander through the 200+ stalls showcasing the best in NZ art, furniture, jewellery, fashion, garden products, body care, gifts for kids, and loads of fresh, local food and wine. The best stand of course will be Stoked Stainless! We will be displaying our wood fired hot tub and a bathtub.

To get to the Fete, From Christchurch, turn left onto SH 7 at Waipara, to Culverden. If you’re coming from the north via the Inland or Leader Roads, look for The Fête sign at Leaches Road just south of Rotherham. The Fête will be sign posted from Culverden. See you there!