Stoked Hot Tubs

Wood Fired Stoked Hot Tubs

Stoked Stainless is the leading manufacturer of wood fired hot tubs in New Zealand today, and this beauty is the reason why. Stoked Hot Tubs are famous across the country and beyond for their durability, low maintenance requirements, hygienic properties and exclusive look.

Stainless Steel Construction

For the least possible maintenance

Constructed from stainless steel, a genuine Stoked Stainless hot tub requires almost no maintenance, and even very little cleaning. Better still, though, you can leave a genuine Stoked Stainless hot tub empty when you’re not using it, even for extended periods. Where traditional wooden hot tubs would shrink and develop leaks, ours are ready for use again right away, with no special treatment!

Chemical-free Hot Tubbing

Better for the environment

Stoked Stainless hot tubs are extremely easy on the environment. They are green by their very nature. You don’t need harsh chemicals to clean or maintain them – and you don’t even need to use chemical additives for the water! The water comes out essentially as pure as it went in, and while we don’t encourage you to drink what is essentially your bath water, it is more than clean enough to use for irrigation or nearly any other purpose when it’s time to drain the tub … and at a 1000 litre capacity, that would be a lot of water to waste!


Simple, easy, inexpensive and fast

From the time you fill it with cold water (or leave it overnight), a genuine Stoked Stainless hot tub takes only 2 ½ hours to get up to temperature! Total cost for heating 1000 litres of water? Around $4 worth of firewood. Just try getting a deal like that with an electric heater!

You control the temperature of the water as you go by either adding more firewood or letting more cold water in with the tap. Both operations can be easily done without even leaving the tub, so you don’t miss a minute of the fun.


$11,825 NZD excluding GST and delivery
+ Canvas Cover $740
+ Cedar Steps $330

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Interior and Internal Components
  • 100% Cedar Wood Cladding
  • Wood Fired
  • 2.5 Hour Heating Time (average time from cold to 38 degrees C)
  • Seats 5-6 Adults
  • Automatic Water Fill System
  • 1000 Litre Capacity
  • Heat Shielded Flue for Your Safety
  • Insulated Side Walls and Floor
  • Completely Hand Made in New Zealand
  • Overall Diameter 1900mm
  • Empty Weight 250kg

Key Differences

  • Reclined seating position with rolled top edge (Others have vertical sides, and a square edge on top)
  • Double insulated with polycell and cedar
  • Hygienic design, we have no cedar inside our hot tub
  • Removable ash pan

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