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Stoked Stainless Spa Pool Enjoyed by 6 People

round spa pools

Electric powered luxury spa pools with massage jets for ultimate relaxation.


Our handcrafted Round Spa Pool, meticulously handcrafted using stainless steel and cedar wood, will enhance the setting of any outdoor area and create a relaxing space in your backyard.
Designed to be efficient, ecologically friendly, durable and visually stunning, our round spa pools can be controlled from an app on your phone! No matter where you sit, you can sink into the water and allow the therapeutic action of the massive massage jets to help you relax and relieve any stress and tension.

Choose from our two options:

Round SPA POOL – 6 person

  • Massage Jet
  • Seats 6 adults comfortably
  • Overall diameter 1900mm
  • Weight empty 280kg

Round SPA POOL – 8 person

  • 8 Massage Jets
  • Seats 8 adults comfortably
  • Multi-colour light function
  • Overall diameter 2200mm
  • Weight empty 360kg


  • Stainless steel interior and internal components
  • 100% cedar wood cladding
  • 3.0kwh 15a water heater with temperature readout and touchpad
  • Fully welded, secure seating
  • Automatic water filter and pump system
  • Insulated side walls and floor
  • Insulated cover included
  • Entirely handmade in New Zealand
  • Wifi remote access with iPhone or android
  • 50-year warranty on stainless steel components
  • 2-year warranty on pump, heater, controller and cover

Low Maintenance Spa Pool

Taking care of your spa pool is easy and inexpensive

The 100% cedar and stainless-steel core construction of the Stoked Round Spa Pool is simply a dream to care for. The metal components resist wear, damage, and corrosion to a remarkable degree. The ergonomically designed tub provides luxuriously comfortable seating for up to 9 bathers in our 2.2 diameter size. Cleaning requires no harsh chemicals, and no special wood or rust treatment should ever be necessary!

Easy To Use & Cost-Effective

Effortlessly control the electric-powered water heating system

The water temperature and eight massage jets are all electronically monitored and controlled by a touchpad on the tub. You can easily maintain your chosen water temperature and jet pressure for as long as you need. The spa function can be programmed to heat during certain times of the day. You can choose to heat the water during off-peak times or in conjunction with solar power. No need to worry about costs, just relax!

Easily control the light system (2.2m size only)

The internal LED light is energy efficient with a greater life span. There is a variety of colours that gives you the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere and can be controlled as needed. 

Eco-Friendly Spa Pools

Chemical-free spa pool water

Our spa pools are designed for mineral water treatment. You don’t need harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals to clean or maintain the pools. That means that you’re not just caring for yourself, but for the Earth as well. As a result, the water in the pool is clean enough to use for irrigation or nearly any other purpose when it’s time to drain the pool. We don’t like to see water wasted!

Stunning Wooden Handmade Tubs

Our hot tubs are beautifully handmade from cedar and stainless steel.

The Stoked Stainless Round Spa Pool is, frankly, gorgeous. It makes a beautiful addition to any home and enhances the appearance of any area you choose to grace with it. The stainless steel and cedar design mean that it will look just as good in ten years as it does the first time you turn it on, which is something few spa pools claim!

Round SPA POOL – 6 person

$19,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Delivery

+ Cedar Steps $490

Round SPA POOL – 8 person

$27,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Delivery

+ Cedar Steps $490