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Stoked Stainless Plunge Pool Electrically heated with luxurious jets enjoyment

Plunge Spa Pools

An electrically heated pool with luxurious jets

Plunge Spa POOLs

The Stoked Stainless Plunge Spa Pool is our electrically heated pool which comes in two sizes. Our 2.5m length pool fits up to 10 bathers, while our 3m pool fits up to 14 people comfortably. Our Plunge Spa Pool has a temperature range of 10° to 42° Celsius, meaning you can choose the perfect temperature for your soak.

Easy To Care For

Simple, easy, inexpensive, and fast

The 100% cedar and stainless-steel core construction of the Plunge Spa Pool is simply a dream to care for. The metal components resist wear, damage and corrosion to a remarkable degree and are ergonomically designed to provide luxuriously comfortable seating for up to 14 bathers in our 3.0m length pool, or up to 10 bathers in our 2.5m pool. Cleaning requires no harsh chemicals, and no special wood or rust treatment should ever be necessary!

Easy to Use

A plunge pool unlike any other

The plunge spa pool stands out from other plunge pools because of its advanced electronic monitoring and control systems. With the ability to set and maintain water temperature between 10° to 42° Celsius as well as jet pressure, we offer a unique and customized soaking experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t worry about a thing, just relax!

Easily control the light system

The internal LED light is energy efficient with a greater life span. There is a variety of colours that gives you the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere and can be controlled as needed. 

Easy On the Environment

Chemical-free pool water

Our plunge spa pool is designed for mineral water treatment rather than harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals. The spa pool requires the same water treatment as our spas; choose from Chlorine, Bromide or Simplesilver to treat your plunge spa pool. That means that you’re not just caring for yourself and your plunge spa pool, but for the Earth as well.


  • Stainless steel – 316 marine grade
  • Temperature range from 10° up to 42° Celsius
  • Choose from 2 sizes:
    – 2.5m x 2.0m x 1.2m (LxWxH), seats up to 10
    – 3.0m x 2.0m x 1.2m (LxWxH), seats up to 14
  • 4 Massage jets
  • Multi-colour LED light function
  • Exterior cedar colour options:
    – Hessian (light)
    – Foundry (dark)
  • Insulated cover included


  • 8.8kwh Heat pump
  • LCD touchpad with Wi-Fi for temperature control
  • Automatic filtration
  • Optional: chemical-free water treatment solution


  • 50-year warranty on stainless steel components
  • 2-year warranty on pump, heater, controller and cover

Plunge Spa Pool – 2.5m X 2M

$39,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Delivery

Plunge SPA POOL – 3M X 2M

$43,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Delivery