Electric Bathtub

Electric Bathtub

The newset addition to the Stoked Stainless product range is an exciting electric bath that’s almost half the price of our original flagship spa pool but with all the exciting benefits including durability, low maintenance requirements, hygienic properties and exclusive look!

Enough room for two this beauty will fit in almost any position under the stars! All you need is a standard power point and a water supply.

Stainless Steel Construction

For the least possible maintenance

Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel, a genuine Stoked Stainless electric bath requires almost no maintenance, and even very little cleaning. Better still, though, you can leave a genuine Stoked Stainless electric bath empty when you’re not using it, even for extended periods. Where traditional wooden hot tubs would shrink and develop leaks, ours are ready for use again right away!

Versatile bathtubs

However, this piece is not limited to the indoors! The cedar and stainless steel construction makes it completely weatherproof, and perfectly suited to outdoor use.

Enjoy a soak gazing out over any view you like, or bring a little luxury to the outdoor life!

Durable Materials

This is truly an all-weather tub! Whether you choose to use it out in the elements or inside your home, the stainless steel and cedar elements make it the easiest tub to care for you’ve ever owned. The metal, of course, never stains, rusts or corrodes.

The 100% natural cedar cladding is intended to maintain its rugged, stylish appearance for years or even decades, whether it is exposed to the elements or not. High-maintenance it is not!

$9,515 NZD excluding GST and delivery

Key Features

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Fully Insulated
  • Cedar Clad
  • Insulated Hard Cover
  • Standard 10amp plug
  • 1.5kWh heater with LCD touchpad
  • Filtration
  • 2000mm long x 800mm wide
  • Seats 2x Adults
  • 450 Litre Capacity
  • 1x Jet

Electric Bath Enquiries

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