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Stoked Stainless Classic Tub Enjoyed in the outdoors by 3 people

Classic Tub

For those looking for an exquisite vessel that connects to your own hot water supply

Classic Tub – 6 person

The Stoked Stainless classic tub is a vessel only that you connect to your home’s gas hot water system. The classic tub is an outdoor tub that is filled like a regular bath. Simply turn on the tap, fill the tub, and you’re ready for a luxurious outdoor soak for up to seven people. We also provide electric spas or wood fired hot tubs if you prefer alternative heating options.

Easy Maintenance

Simple, easy, inexpensive and fast

The 100% cedar and stainless steel core construction of the Stoked Stainless classic tub is simply a dream for ongoing maintenance. The stainless steel interior of the tub resists wear, damage and corrosion to an astonishing degree and is ergonomically designed to provide luxuriously comfortable seating for up to seven bathers. Cleaning requires no harsh chemicals, and no unique wood or rust treatment should ever be necessary!

Easy to Use

Fill up the tub and jump in for a soak

Simply turn on the tap and fill it up to your desired water level to use the Stoked Stainless classic tub. Filling the tub fully generally takes under an hour but is dependent on the household’s water pressure levels. Once you’ve finished with the water, open the drain valve and leave the tub empty until you’re ready to soak again!

Easy on the Environment

Chemical-free bathing made easy

Stoked Stainless classic tubs are eco-friendly to the environment and green by their nature, as they don’t require treated water. You don’t need artificial chemicals, as the water you bathe in is as pure as its source! Many of our customers use the wastewater for irrigation in their gardens, as it may be the cleanest natural ‘grey water’ you can find.


$11,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Freight


  • Stainless steel – 304 grade
  • 1.9m diameter x 1.05m height
  • Seats up to 6
  • Exterior cedar colour options:
    – Hessian (light)
    – Foundry (dark)
  • Optional: insulated cover


  • Connect to your water heating source


  • 50-year warranty on the stainless steel tub
  • 2-year warranty on all other components