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Stainless Steel & Cedar freestanding bathtub outside the house

Stoked Bathtub

Handcrafted with elegant cedar and stainless steel for indoors or outdoors.

Stoked BATHTUB – 2 Person

The Stoked Bathtub is an elegant piece of furniture that looks wonderful as part of any modern bathroom but is equally suited for outdoor use. Each one we make is handcrafted from stainless steel by skilled artisans, fitted with interior insulation, and then finished in 100% natural cedar timber cladding. We also provide electric or wood fired baths if you prefer alternative heating options.

Functional Bathtubs

The Stoked Bathtub is a fully functional bathtub that works just like the tub you probably have now. Hot and cold water, drain, maybe a rubber duckie (if that’s your thing). But how it is made (and how it looks) is what sets a Stoked Stainless bathtub apart!

Beautiful Craftmanship

Just like all of our tub and spa products, the Stoked Bathtub is a real looker. The contrast between the 100% natural cedar cladding, the premium stainless steel interior and hardware is remarkable. Whether you add a range of accessories or keep it simple with just a toilet and basins, it’s not hard to imagine the incredible bathroom you could build around this beauty!

Versatile Bathtubs

The cedar and stainless steel freestanding construction make it completely weatherproof and perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor use. Bring a little luxury to the outdoor life with an outdoor New Zealand-made bathtub, or make your bathroom feel like a lavish hotel. 

Durable Materials

Stoked Stainless bathtubs are indeed all-weather tubs! Whether you choose to use it out in the elements or inside your home, the stainless steel and cedar elements make it the easiest tub to care for you’ve ever owned. The stainless steel interior never stains, rusts or corrodes. The 100% natural cedar cladding is intended to maintain its rugged, stylish appearance for years or even decades, whether it is exposed to the elements or not.

Environmentally Friendly

This lovely and functional work of art doesn’t require harsh chemicals to clean, and its insulated body keeps your bath water warmer longer, reducing the need to ‘top up’ to maintain the perfect temperature.


$7,900 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Freight


  • Stainless steel – 304 grade
  • 2.0m x 0.88m x 072m (LxWxH)
  • Seats 1 or 2
  • Exterior cedar colour options:
    – Hessian (light)
    – Foundry (dark)
  • Optional: insulated cover


  • Connect to your water heating source


  • 50-year warranty on the stainless steel tub
  • 2-year warranty on all other components