hybrid TUB

The hot tub experience for places where water is scarce


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Stoked Stainless created the hybrid tub to heat the water the same as a traditional wood-fired hot tub would, but without the hassle of emptying the water after a few uses. By using both wood-fired water heating and electrical components for water filtration, your hybrid tub water can last as long as spa pool water. Our hybrid tub is perfect for people who live in dry areas with little water or minimal rainfall.

A Spa Pool & Hot Tub Combined

Combine the benefits of both a spa pool and hot tub

The hybrid tub uses the wood burner as its primary water heating source, while the electrical components are used to filter the treated mineral water used in the tub. Our hybrid system allows you to keep the tub toasty while you enjoy it but without the hassle of emptying it after use.

Stainless Steel Construction

For the least possible maintenance

A genuine Stoked Stainless hybrid tub is constructed from a stainless steel interior and cedar cladding, making it incredibly tough wearing regardless of the climate.

Less Water Waste

For areas that receive minimal rainfall

Our hybrid tub is designed for mineral water treatment rather than harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals. The Stoked Stainless hybrid tub allows you to reuse the water for the same period of time as our spa pools.


$20,815 NZD
Including GST, Excluding Freight


  • Stainless steel interior and internal components
  • 100% cedar timber cladding
  • Wood-fired water heating
  • An electric water filtration system
  • 2.5-hour heating time (average time from cold to 38 degrees Celsius)
  • Seats 5-6 adults
  • Fully welded, secure seating
  • 1000 litre capacity
  • Heat shielded flue for your safety
  • Insulated side walls and floor
  • Entirely handmade in New Zealand
  • Overall diameter 1900mm
  • Empty weight 250kg