How portable is the Stoked Hot Tub?

The Stoked Hot Tub is reasonably portable. At 250kg they are not the sort of thing you want to be carting around every weekend, however, there are a few ways of transporting and lifting the hot tub into position.

For the hard to reach places, we sub-contract this to an operator who has a Palfinger crane, otherwise known as a Hiab. Generally, they can lift our hot tub to a maximum of 16 metres from the pivot point of the crane.

How portable is the Stoked Hot Tub - New Zealand hot tubs - Palfinger crane NZ

This type of crane is almost always mounted on the back of a large truck that has the capacity to hold 3 hot tubs.

For very remote New Zealand places, we call on the helicopter!

How portable is the Stoked Hot Tub - Helicopters can transport hot tubs - New Zealand wood fired hot tubs