What does it cost to run a Stoked Spa?

One question that often comes up with our Stoked Spa, how much does it cost to run?

We ran some tests to find out exactly what it uses. The test was done in Autumn where the overnight ambient temperature dropped to 3 degrees.

The goal was to measure the power usage over a 24 hour period with the spa cover fixed in place the whole time.

We heated the spa up to temperature then started recording the power usage to see what the heat loss was.

The spa used 5.7 kw which at $0.26 per kw is $1.48 NZD per day.

Next, we measured the power consumption over 24 hours, this time with the spa cover off for 30 minutes with the jet running.

The spa used 6.9 kw which at $0.26 per kw is $1.79 NZD per day.

Considering the average price of a coffee is $4.50, the spa will cost you a little more than two coffees a week to run.